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How to Crochet the Pebble Stitch

November 10, 2017

I recently discovered the Pebble Stitch and I fell in love with the design and texture of it and had to share with you How to Crochet the Pebble Stitch!

I used this Pebble Stitch to make the Pebble Beanie (which I also fell in love with!) This stitch works perfectly for a hat because there is a right side and a wrong side to the fabric. It would be really pretty on a sweater, too!


Worsted weight (4) yarn
5.00 mm hook
Yarn needle


Pattern Notes & Stitches to Know
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
Puff Stitch – *yarn over, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop the height of a dc* repeat 2 more times, yarn over and pull through all 7 loops on hook (photo tutorial in pattern)
RS – right side of the fabric
WS – wrong side of the fabric

ch 1 at the beginning of round does not count as sc


Ch any multiple of 4 + 2 more ch (for this swatch I chained 26)

Row 1: (RS) sc in 2nd ch from hook and across

Row 2: (WS) ch 1, turn, sc in same stitch, puff stitch in next

Yarn over, pull up a loop the height of a dc

Repeat 2 more times

Yarn over, pull through all 7 loops on hook and sc in next

Repeat across

Row 3: (RS) ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch across

Row 4: (WS) ch 1, turn, sc in first 2 stitches, *puff stitch in next, sc in next* repeat from * to * across to last 2 stitches, sc in last 2 stitches

Row 5: (RS) repeat row 3

Repeat rows 2 – 5 for pattern

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  1. Hi! I can’t find the disclaimer anywhere, but I love your pattern for the puff stitch and I’d like to try it for a scarf. Would I be allowed to sell the scarf with your pattern on Etsy? I’m very new to all of this (just opened an Etsy this week) and not extremely good at crocheting. But I’m a stay at home mom in a foreign country and I don’t have many options to bring in extra money. Thank you for any reply.

  2. Prachtig patroon. Ik wil er graag een sjaal en wintermuts van maken. Heb je het patroon voor een muts?

  3. Hi Breann,
    Just stumbled upon your account. The pebble beanie is going to be my first project. How much of the worsted 4 yarn did you use for this project??

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