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The Bobble Christmas Trees Crochet Pattern comes in 3 sizes and they all easily fit over a styrofoam cone! They
The Checkerboard Pumpkin Crochet Pattern is made from a simple rectangle of all single crochet! I used neutral colors for
The Ribbed Bobble Pumpkin Crochet Pattern is full of fun texture! The pumpkin is made from a rectangle, so there
This Easy Ribbed Pumpkin Crochet Pattern is made from a simple rectangle! This pumpkin is easy and perfect for beginners.
This Christmas Plaid Blanket Crochet Pattern is made with just a 2 row repeat and without many ends to weave
This Mosaic Crochet Hanging Basket Pattern is such a fun pattern with a unique design. Once you see the basic
The Elizabeth Blanket Crochet Pattern is named after the stitch used and is one of my favorite stitches. This pretty
The Mosaic Crochet Pillow Pattern has a fun cylinder shape. It's easily made with one rectangle and two circles. This
Mosaic Crochet Basket Pattern - FREE CROCHET PATTERN
If you've ever tried Mosaic Crochet but didn't like all the ends... then this Mosaic Crochet Basket Pattern is for
This detailed looking Mosaic Crochet Coaster Pattern only uses 2 stitches & doesn't have any color changes within each row!