Hi friends! I’m excited to start this year’s Crochet Along for a Cause! Last year was such a success and so much fun. Last year we made over 9,000 hats for donation!
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Crochet Along for a Cause (2020)

June 1, 2020

Hi friends! I’m excited to start this year’s Crochet Along for a Cause! Last year was such a success and so much fun. Last year we made over 9,000 hats for donation! The Crochet Along for a Cause starts on Friday, June 19, 2020 and will last all summer long. Thank you so much for your interest in joining this year, I can’t wait to get started. Make sure to tag #CALforacause on Instagram!

Hi friends! I’m excited to start this year’s Crochet Along for a Cause! Last year was such a success and so much fun. Last year we made over 9,000 hats for donation!

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What is a Crochet Along?
A crochet along is when we work on a project all together at the same time. It’s a great way to have fun with fellow crocheters all over the world!

There will be 1 new hat pattern every Friday for 14 weeks until Friday, September 18, 2020. Each hat pattern will be made for donation to your local cancer center/organization, homeless shelter, or school. (I will not be collecting hats. You can distribute them to a hospital/school/shelter near you.)

You can make as many or as little hats as you’d like. Last year, some made 5 hats and some made 100. It’s all up to you. There are no requirements to take part in this event! And if there’s a pattern you don’t particularly like… skip it! Make a second of one you like better, or a completely different hat!

If you’re a beginner crocheter, or are new to making hats, check out my video tutorial below: How to Crochet a Basic Beanie for Beginners (get the written pattern HERE)

Be sure to join my Facebook group HERE for the lastest details, to ask questions, share your work, and talk with fellow crocheters!

The patterns will use worsted weight yarn with hook sizes 4.5 – 6.0. If you are donating to a hospital, the yarn does need to be a soft cotton or acrylic. Please don’t use wool because it can irritate the scalp. Some good choices are Caron Simply Soft, I Love this Yarn, Red Heart Soft, but any soft acrylic or cotton should work.

The patterns will all be beginner friendly, maybe a couple of easier intermediate. You will need to be familiar with basic crochet stitches and techniques.

Hat Sizes
The hats will range from children’s sizes to adult. There will be patterns geared towards women and some geared towards men. For some of the patterns I will have different sizes available so you can choose what size you want to make.

HERE is the list of patterns from CAL for a Cause 2019!

HERE is the list of patterns from CAL for a Cause 2018!

The best way to stay up to date with the Crochet Along for a Cause is by joining my Facebook group HERE or by joining my email list in the box below!

6/19/20 – Ring Stitch Beanie

6/26/20 – Basketweave Bucket Hat

7/3/20 – City Lights Beanie

7/10/20 – Kid’s Vintage Hat

7/17/20 – Burst Beanie

7/24/20 – Easy Men’s Beanie

7/31/20 – Wide Brim Baby Beanie

8/7/20 – August Sun Hat

8/14/20 – Jelly Beanie

8/21/20 – Baby Bobble Beanie

8/28/20 – Evergreen Beanie

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  1. Thank you for doing this again. I have joined in this the past 2 years. Have 26 done now and am looking forward to your new patterns to try. Will give these to two cancer centres in our area once the pandemic allows. My husband has been treated at the two hospitals that I give to. It is an easy way to give back. Again, thank you for doing this!

    1. do you have to sign up every year? last year was my first, i get Breann emails already but not clear if i have to sign up again or not ….

  2. THANK YOU for organizing this crochet along again this year! This is my 3rd year to participate! Waiting for the weekly pattern is so much fun….donating the hats is so rewarding!

    1. I made several of your hats last year . Some of your patterns and some of others. Total hats last year was 78. The most popular was the turbans ha. I added a flower and a button. To where you sew the turbin part. Ihope to make some more this year. Do you have any patterns for summer?

  3. Thanks so much for doing this again for 2020! A friend and I did hats last year – LOTS of hats! We donated them to a friend who runs a soup kitchen for the homeless, to a mentor program in Harrisburg called Center for Champions, and to an elementary school. We have not stopped crocheting and have a supply already started for this year!

      1. Hi! All the pattern from this event are linked at the bottom of this blog post. Some of the hats are printable for free and some are in my shops 🙂

  4. So this will be my first year participating. My question is, do we send them out to hospitals, homeless shelters or any other place that needs them or do we send them to you for distribution? I am so excited for this!!! ?❤️

  5. Will you have video of the patterns? I am not good a reading pattern but can follow a video tutorial. Thank you.

  6. When I’m finished with the hats, do I donate them to a local charity? This is my first year doing this.

    1. This is what happens when I’m too tired to read everything. I apologize for this question it was answered in the body of the blog lol

  7. I just checked out your patterns for the last 2 years and I am so excited to join in this year! Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of cotton on hand right now and I need to get rid of all my acrylic before I buy any more yarn because I’m not buying anymore acrylic /polyester (what I called plastic yarns). Instead I plan on sticking to Natural Yarns in the hopes that my footprint left on this Earth will be less.

  8. I have made a poncho for a nurse that took care of my mother at a local cancer clinic. I would love to have some hats to deliver also. Even better I can bring my mother to deliver them. I would like suggestions for yarn I could use to make the hats. I’m guessing soft & snuggly.

  9. This is something will try for this winter !! Our church does it as well! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  10. I have enjoyed the past two years. I donate to my cancer center and the NICU at our local hospital. This year I am also donating to Life Choices.

  11. Our small crochet group is excited to participate again this year! We donated to three different cancer treatment centers last year. Thanks for doing this again this year.

  12. This is the first year I have joined any CAL. I am truly enjoying it. And having discovered via you lovely people this is a yearly event. Hooray!! I crochet hats for newborns and preemies so this CAL falls right in with my goals. It’s an extra challenge to downsize but I am learning so it’s a win-win!! Thank you for doing this, Breann.

  13. I’ve been crocheting hats for our local cancer center. I really like your patterns because they always turn out great. Looking forward to doing this for this year! Thanks!

  14. Hi Breann,

    I am interested in the CAL and would like to know how I can get started?

    Thank you.
    Donna J.
    New Port Richey, FL

    1. Hi! You can join anytime! You can join my facebook group or my email list for all the latest details 🙂 All the published patterns are linked in this blog post. You can start with the first pattern or whichever you like best. 🙂

  15. Thanks for creating an opportunity to join in with like-minded crafters, to offer a blessing to those in need. I am curious as to how many hats are actually created during one of the events from all of those who have joined in. I make items for donating throughout the year, but only see what I can do. Numbers really don’t matter as each one is special to the individual that receives it. But there is strength in numbers and was just curious how many lives will be touched by this group’s efforts.

    1. Hi! I am not having this crochet along this year 🙂 But the patterns from the 3 previous years are on my blog.

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