Yarn Stash Giveaway (April 2020)

April 1, 2020

It’s a new month and that means another destash giveaway!! I’ll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

It’s a new month and that means another destash giveaway!! I’ll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

You can earn up to FOUR entries! Like me on Facebook, subscribe to my email list, follow me on Instagram, and leave a comment! THREE winners will be picked on 4/8/20!

I will be using the email address you enter into Rafflecopter to notify the winners. Winners must respond to my email within 24 hours or the prize will go to the next participant.

Thank you for supporting my small business! Every like, comment, share, and purchase means so much to our family!

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          1. Great stuff
            Lovely colors
            “Covid 19 crochet” makes us creative at Home
            Need more yarn 🙂

      1. thank you for giving us a chance to win some of your yarn and for all of the wonderful patterns you share.

      1. love all of your best tee and poncho designs and instructions are easy to understand and follow! can’t wait to try my own tee! thanks!

    1. Great Giveaway, thanks! If I we’re to win by some chance, I love purple, turquoise, Bluegreen, Aqua, magenta, those sorts of jewel tones. I don’t look good in mustard, beige, or Gray. I like bright stuff.

  1. Thank you for another opportunity to win some yarn. Especially now with our Stay at Home Order it would be great to win. I really appreciate all your patterns and CALs. I have learned quite a few new stitches and love seeing everyone’s beautiful creations.

  2. This looks like a fun giveaway. However I will not enter. April 8th, Passover begins at sundown. Since I am an observant Jew, that means that for the first two days of the holiday, I will not be using anything electronic-computer, phone, TV, etc. Were I to win, I would not be able to reply within 24 hours. I will catch you on the next giveaway.
    I do enjoy your newsletters very much. Keep up the good work. Stay safe, all of you.

  3. Hi Breann,
    Thanks for all you do to keep us cheered up. I am loving the Scrapghan project and have enjoyed learning some new stitches!

  4. ThNk you so much for this opportunity. I was feeling a tad depressed today and this brightened my spirit.

    1. Hi this is awesome. With the virus I’m homebound. I could use this big time. Boredom hitting hard. Who wants to clean!?!? Not me. I want to create, PEOPLE! Thanks for the patterns. You’ve inspired me and I’ve never tried crocheting tops. I love the summer tops but afraid it will be over my head??
      Be safe be well

  5. I’d love to win! Sad our crochet-along has ended. Maybe you should re-release last years to keep us busy. Stay safe.

  6. Love your patterns!! And would love to win some of your yarn!! Have a great day and stay well!!!

  7. Thank you for your ongoing generosity, I’ve been entering your giveaways for over a year, very happy that you can help make many other people happy with yarn, patterns, & crafting!!

  8. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information so we all can learn and share together.
    You are such a talent.

  9. I love your patterns and I plan on making the tank top that was free to down load on the 25th of this month but I am going to purchase it bc I have to have it in my wardrobe! I have never entered a give away either… I’m excited! Thank you for all your hard work and yet still have give aways! That’s amazing!

  10. Hi Breann,
    I look forward to receiving and exploring your emails every week. I just started following you on Facebook too. Thank you for considering me for the April yarn giveaway.
    Be Well.

  11. Thank you for keeping us all occupied during this terrible time! I know that I am for sure enjoying crocheting and knitting while I am sitting at home!

  12. I love all of your patterns and your blog. Thank you again for your inspiration and your generousity.

  13. Thank you for another nice giveaway and for sharing your time and talents. You’re very appreciated!

  14. I said it all already on FB but I will here too. Ive liked it all (ages ago already) Ive shared you with a friend … she’s off social media but will look at your website … so I hope I qualify. Your posts do inspire me for sure. Thank you

  15. Thank you for the chance to win some yummy yarn. Also thank you for all the hard work you put into all you do for us

  16. Made my day, clouds floating, the threat of snow and a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  17. What pretty yarn….thank you for the awesome chance to win………..I so love reading your helpful hints……….

  18. I really appreciate all you do. I have learned so many new stitches. It is so kind of you to share you talents.

  19. Fingers Crossed!! ???
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win some of your lovely yarn stash!! Yarn is my kinda eye candy I can never..ever get enough of!! ???

  20. Would really love to win this month my stash has almost vanished thanks to Lock down here ❤️???

  21. Thank you so much for having these yarn giveaways. Especially since you just had a week of patterns giveaway!

  22. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love you blog. Your patterns and instructions are wonderful.
    Stay healthy and safe!

  23. I really enjoy your blog and find it inspirational when looking for a gentle push. I have made some of your patterns in the past and hope to do more in the future. Stay Safe and Sane during this difficult time.

  24. Thanks for giveaway. Your instructions are amazing. In selfisolation yarn is most precious than anything to have some fun in life.

  25. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win some beautiful yarn 🙂 My crafting has increased since the lock down has started and I am currently in self isolation so have plenty of time to craft 🙂 Crafting – especially knitting and crochet keeps me calm and relaxed and means I make a beautiful end product. Fingers crossed I win

  26. Hi thank you for the give is not easy at these times being stuck at home and have very limit amount of shopping to do. At these times I wish to say to all stay safe and happy crocheting.

  27. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to add to our stash at this difficult time. Love your generous spirit and your creativity that you freely give to inspire us all in the “art of crochet”. Know that you are helping us to experience joy and calm during this time of crisis ❣️

  28. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 Looking forward to trying that new vest pattern once I get some more cotton!

  29. How fun to have something to do (other than housework – ugh) while stuck at home. Actually, it’s fun when NOT stuck at home. ^o^

  30. This would a beautiful and useful win for because I live over 2 hour drive from my closest yarn shop.

  31. Yay! My stash is low and I have no LYS open. Your posts are so helpful and your patterns are great! Thanks!

  32. Thank you for all your CALs and beautiful patterns! I hope to win some of your stash to use on CAL for a cause!

  33. I love your patterns. Due to a stroke, I have lost some of my memory. I needed to find a beginner square to crochet. I found what I needed on your site and some great other stuff. Thank you so much for all the information I needed. I would love to win a stash. I gave most of mine away.

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