Unstash my Yarn Stash Giveaway! - Confession: I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN! Ya want some? I'll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

Unstash my Yarn Stash Giveaway! (July 2019)

July 1, 2019

Confession: I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN! Ya want some? I’ll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

Unstash my Yarn Stash Giveaway! - Confession: I HAVE TOO MUCH YARN! Ya want some? I'll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

You can earn up to THREE entries! Leave a comment below (mandatory) letting us know what’s on your yarn wishlist, sign up for my email list (if you already subscribe, just let me know the email address you used), and follow me on Instagram (if you already do, just let me know your IG username)! THREE winners will be picked on 7/8/19!

I will be using the email address you enter into Rafflecopter to notify the winners. Winners must respond to my email within 24 hours or the prize will go to the next participant.

Thank you for supporting my small business! Every like, comment, share, and purchase means so much to our family!

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  1. What fun! I love all yarns and have fun trying projects with new and unique skeins. This giveaway sounds like so.much fun!

          1. I’ve been emptying out my stash by crocheting scrap blankets to donate to a hospital ministry. Could use any yarn to help me restock!!!!

        1. I’d love to crochet baby clothes and donate them because I just started volunteering at my local children’s hospital! I started crocheting last September and it has been a great therapeutic activity for me and I can’t wait to explore more patterns!

          1. I would love some nice fingering weight yarn, possibly 2 different colors, to knit a hat with

          2. I’m from canada and I’d love to try “I love this yarn”. Heard so much good about it!

          1. I love pastel shades of either chunky or double knit. I make reptile- themed hats and booties to sell to supplement my pension.

        2. New to crochet. Wanting to try new types of yarn and new textures. Winning would be amazing and open new doors to new patterns and projects. Than you.

          1. At the top of my yarn wishlist is any kind of cotton yarn to make lots of summer friendly projects!

      1. Thanks for the giveaway!

        I am just getting started with the CAL Hat for a Cause with 2 friends.
        Winning would allow us to continue to give back more from your patterns and yarn.

        1. I would like some paintbox yarns. Looked on line for some after your Beach Bucket Hat for CAL.

          1. I would love to make something with cotton. I’ve never worked with cotton yarn. Thank you for the chance to win.I
            Subscribed: suz_m@bellsouth.net
            Instagram name following you. : proudmamasuz

          2. Would like to try the paintbox yao. I feel guilty when I buy yarn that’s not from my local yarn store. They are so helpful we’ve become friends.

          3. Would enjoy trying out a variety of yarns. This sounds like fun. Thank you.

        2. I love cotton and bamboo yarns, but i knit and crochet with most yarns, accept superwash, seems like i’m allergic to that

          1. I would love more cotton yarn for summer patterns, or velvet yarn. It is so plushy to touch! My email is lizzib37@yahoo.com, and Instagram handle is sbjung68. Thanks!

        1. Hello! Greetings from Argentina. I dont know if the giveaway is international. I love love love your patterns, I discovered your page recently and I already made a hat for my niece, it was what I had pending!

      2. I am madly in love with yarn! Some yarn I love more than others. Some people may think I have a problem stashing yarn different places…my house, boxes, my truck, my pocket book and anywhere else I can carry yarn or hide it away for later but the only problem I have is not enough yarn and not enough time to use it. I have so many projects I want to complete but some I haven’t found the right yarn. I’m wanting to work on some blankets, stuffed animal pillows and shawls currently. But I’m sure I’ll find something else I want to make along the way.

          1. I am honestly willing to try anything but I’ve never gotten the chance to use lion brand or paintbox and those are 2 that I’m interested in!!

      3. I would love to try scheepjes yarn or paintbox, both have been on my wishlist for ever.

        Super of you that you make give away like this

      4. The yarn on my list that I have not used yet is Lion Brand Jeans. I hear great comments about this yarn but have yet to find it on sale which would make it affordable for me. Thank you got the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

        1. I seem to have a lot of aqua and real yarn and would love some other colors.

          Also, I am on your email list.

      5. Yarn of all kinds!!! Love them thin, medium, thick, chunky, its a sickness, I must have them all!

      6. I’m a subscriber and follower on Instagram and pinterest i use me.espinoza21168@gmail.com and i am first time crocheting the hats for a cause and so excited about it. My wish list is i would love to win the yarn mostly because i would use some for the hat project and i also love creating things for my family and friends.thank you for all the great and amazing ideas you share.

    1. I love trying new yarn, and have lots of friends needing baby blankets! Thanks for the giveaway!

      1. I would like some paintbox yarns. Looked on line for some after your Beach Bucket Hat for CAL.

        1. I love any and all yarn, and love trying new colors and textured. I love getting your emails also. I make hats, cowls, and scarfs for all ages and I donate them in August. I am expecting another grandbaby-this makes 3, so I am also making blankets and hats for them. And neighbors I also help out.

        2. I’ve never worked with any really nice yarn. Mine has always been the off-the-shelf kind. I would love to work with some merino or or other fine light weight yarn.

    2. I love to work with natural fibers – cotton, silk, wool in fingering or dk weight. Thanks for this opportunity to add to my stash!

      1. I would love sock yarns in gorgeous jewel tone colors like turquoise, deep purple, hunter green, burgundy, those types of colors. I have a lot of Worsted but I I don’t have a lot of sock yarns.

    3. I am new to the craft and am still exploring yarns. I’ve only tried acrylic and cotton so far. I would love to try anything. I am really enjoying crochet. Thank you

    4. I have always wanted to try something a bit more exotic, like camel. Not sure what I’d make or if I’d just squish it though.

    5. I have just discovered my love for cotton yarn. But I have always wanted to work with merino wool!

    6. I would like to try so of the T-shirt yarns or some more cotton, can never have too much Nicki!

    7. I love the 100% cotton, 4 ply – little stretch . Ideal for using in making gifts of bags & more. Not only are these gifts appreciated for their homemade craft, but saves me €€€, on a very limited budget! ?

    8. Hello. And thank you for sharing your patterns and methods. Thank you, also, the giving away parts of your stash. I love all yarns because I love crocheting. Right now, I’d really like to work with cotton and cotton blends … enough to make something for my new grandaughter coming in October. But any and all yarn would be appreciated if I win. Thanks again. Have a great, wonderful, and beautifully blessed week.

    9. I love trying all types of different weight and fiber yarn! I’ve been eyeing some of the finer end stuff lately, and all the cotton yarn as well! Happy Hooking, lol

    10. How fun these give aways and crochet along events. I would love to win the yarn because im a first time cal and im excited about it. Ive started on some hats and am getting yarn donation from friends and family. Thanks for the fun you’ve given me

    11. I love trying new things with crochet and new yarns too. Love your patterns. Can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are.

    12. I crochet hats for the children in the hospital and love to make them fun and different. I would love to try your yarn.

    13. My yarn wish is a different kind of cotton that isn’t like Peaches & Cream. So far that’s it. Do I give you my Instagram name here?

    14. Hello there – I would love some 4ply or double knit to make some wrist warmers for my friend who suffers with arthirtis – looking for something nice and soft! I get your newsletters my email address is below.

    15. I can’t wait to get my hands in a soft cotton mauve to make a scarf! I’m new at this so basic is my style??

    16. What a fun giveaway idea! I’d love to win any yarn…it’s basically all on my wishlist??

    17. I recently got into patterns that use lower weights, so Sock, Sport and DK Yarns are all on the Wish List!

    18. Would love to see what you keep in your stash. Still learning yarns and this would be incredibly helpful… so pick me! Pick Mr!

    19. Dream wish list…Aran, cotton/bamboo blend, Malabrigo for sure. Trying to be more adventurous by trying nee fibres. Great giveaway.

    20. This is an awesome idea!
      I honestly don’t know what I would like to try… I’m experimenting with a bunch of different fibres. If I won – definitely would just ask for your choice! ?
      My Instagram is @willowwool

    21. Would love to enjoy Paintbox yarn………. for so many reasons and how nicely it goes with your patterns.

    1. I haven’t made anything for myself with cotton or linen, so that might be fun! Otherwise, I’m a sucker for a beautiful fingering weight yarn.

      1. I love trying new yarns and colors. I have a lot of blues and Grey’s so any color other than those would be great.

    1. I am new to the world of crochet and am loving it! I would
      Appreciate any type of yarn since I have tried acrylic and cotton trying different stitches so far. Thank you for offering some of your stash!

    1. Just getting back to crocheting. I’ve been wanting to make a shawl. So any yarn that looks pretty crocheted lacy. ?

      1. I am a succor for color-change yarns and color, color, color! I have recently started working with cotton and cotton-blend yarns. I’m always willing to try something new.

  2. @meg.ras
    I’m new at crocheting and have ALL these patterns I want to try! Including many of yours (I mean, hellllo “Easy Essential T”, “Carson Crochet Dress”, and soooo many more!). My yarn stash is so small, but I’m loving working with 24/7 cotton! But really, I just want to build up my stash so I have yarn at the ready!! Thanks for this giveaway! I love following your patterns and adding them to my to-do list!

  3. Howdy! I have tried acrylic and cotton only to my knowledge. I really want to get around to some of the animal fiber based yarns. How fun it must be to tell folks you made their gift with alpaca or something rather. Thank you for this fun opportunity 🙂 IG – ohmyjesses

    1. Oh, I’d love to try just about any of the yarns found in Europe. Also, cotton yarn isn’t one I’ve used yet.

  4. I love trying any new yarn! I agree that paintbox is one that I’ve seen often with lots of cool colors that would be great do a project with! Also, anything light and airy because Arizona is HOT is the summer!

  5. My stash is quite sad really lol. I would love to just get my hands on anything. I usually let the yarn inspire me for what it wants to be

    1. How fun! Thanks! Hmmm. I’m not sure what’s on my wishlist. I’m loving chunky yarns for cowls. I love all soft warm colored yarns. I’m hoping to make a bunch of stuff for family for Autumn.

      1. I’d love to try working with thread and crocheting super delicate pieces, like all the women in my family have done for the past 200 years (that we know of).

        1. I would love to try hand dyed silk yarn. I have never had the opportunity to use it or afford it. I am signed up to your newsletter kimmiller260921@gmail.com and I follow you on Instagram and mine is kimmiller260921 Thank you for hosting this giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters

  6. I make lightweight blankets for our foster care program. Any yarn would be wonderful. Fun colors would be an added bonus!

  7. I would love to work with some bulky yarn for rugs and baskets or some nice cotton yarn for clothes.

    1. I hope this where I leave comment for giveaways
      It is awesome that you share your yarn with other would like to be one to win

    1. Agree. Fairly new to crochet & on limited fixed small $ I have only used thrifted or gifted yarns or tarn from used clothes/fabric.

  8. This is so fun, what a great way to destash! I am subscribed to your emails and just started following your page on IG with handle @knotplainortall, and I’m loving the CAL for a cause!!!

  9. There really is not much variety in Hawaii. I’d love to try the Paintbox or any kind of yarn you are giving away as I have soooo many of your patterns on my list to get started.
    Unfortunately, I’m a bit old for Instagram so I can’t enter through that.
    What a thoughtful generous giveaway, Mahalo nui loa!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I may win!

  10. You’re awesome for sharing your stash.
    Living Alaska allows me lots of time to crochet.
    For the first time I have no stash. Living on an island with no so called stores Amazon Prime is my best friend. We are in the process of building our cabin. So I have been crocheting in colors of white, black, brown, with pops of light blue, grey and gold. Of course anything would do. I also crochet a lot of prayer shawls. Thanks.

  11. Yarn yarn yarn. Love all the yarn. I would
    Love to try yarn that I haven’t worked with before. Style craft. Paint box. Sugarbush. Thank you for sharing the love of yarn ?

  12. I love plain sock wool and flecked double knitting wool. I like making socks for my family and twiddle muffs for the elderly.

    1. i am wishing for bernat pops so I can do the yarnspirations CAL that starts next Monday! looks like a super neat pattern from Mikey @ the crochet crowd

  13. I also crochet for Charities so it seems like I’m always looking to try any new yarns. Would like to try some of the chunky yarns that are available..Thanks for your generosity of the giveaway. Your patterns are great .

  14. Thank you Breann!! I’m not really picky on yarn! I love any yarn! I just love making stuff! I really would like to try the sugarbush and paintbox. But I know if I win I will love it! Again thank you!

  15. Thank you.would love any kind of yarn. Mostly knit donation yarn for charity but would love to try something soft and colorful for a shawl or sweater ( for me ??)

  16. Thank you for this generous and fun giveaway! I follow you on IG with @haynesda1971. I would love to try the Paint Box yarn. I’ve made several of your patterns and I love them. On my Pinterest board, barely a day goes by that your Everygirl Crochet Sweater does not get repined. I’ve made it and I love to wear it in the cooler weather. Thanks again!

  17. That’s a thoughtful way to clear out your extra yarn stash. I subscribe (rusticmaple@gmail.com) and follow on IG ( @rusticmaple ) I have yet to try any paintbox yarn and have not used indie dyer yarns in the last 15 years. Shocking I know. lol

    1. Recently I’ve been loving the Lion Brand Mandala yarns. Such bright colours and you get a lot for the price, so I have a few different coloured ones on my try list for the summer. My email is yourloveismydrug23@hotmail.com.
      Sorry but I don’t have instagram.

  18. Paintbox yarn is on my list all the colors are gorgeous and the sheepjes whirl cakes

  19. What a generous idea for destashing your stash! It’s always commendable to give back to your community rather than selling what you have no need for. Thank you for your kindness! I’m sure you have all sorts of “good” yarn. I honestly can’t think of anything “brand” wise I’d like to try, but I’ve never tried hand dyed yarn. That’s been on my list for a long while now. But when it comes to yarn being given to you, I’m not one to start giving specifications on what I would like. Anything would be accepted, as my yarn stash is quickly “dying” due to stash busting as much as I can, so I can have more funds and room for new yarn! Thank you again for your generosity!

  20. Wow!! Wonderful!!
    I love every kind of yarn, expecially cotton.
    Thank you Breann for the opportunity ??

  21. I love all yarn, let’s be real! My wish list always has DK and Worsted weight yarns on it, generally in fall/earthy colors. I love Lion Brand stuff (Heartland, Coboo, Comfy Cotton). WAK The Cotton is glorious! Sugarbush Cabot is also something I’d love to try!

  22. I want to try working with some of the soft bulkier baby yarn for making the snuggly critters. I love any yarn though and always up to trying new yarns. Thanks for the chance to win. Can’t get the added entry for Instagram since I don’t do that one.

  23. Oh my goodness there are so many yarns I would wish to try! I am intrigued by the bamboo/cottons, the yarn cakes with ombré colors that are lighter weight (2), velvet yarns, the bulky weight polyester chenille, I love the red heart bright stripes in the gorgeous color ways, and who doesn’t love the Mandela’s from lion brand.

  24. I’d love to try some of the new Lion Brand yarns: Ferris Wheel, Dotted Line, Faye and Crayola Cake. As you can see, I’m loving all the new cake yarns. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. I have been dreaming of crocheting the Essential tee but it’s very difficult the get good quality yarn in ?? Puerto Rico ? as they are about only 3 LYS in the whole island. Have been following you for a while both in instagram (tejidoxcg) and email (tejidoxcg@gmail.com).

  25. Relatively new at crochet. Would adore anything you would want to gift this fixed income disabled grammy!

    1. On my wishlist is some King Cole yarns I have heard great things about the company’s products and want to try them myself.

  26. Hi! Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to work more with lighter weight yarns and to make wearables like tops and sweaters. There’s something new to learn every time you crochet.

  27. So exited!! I love yarn, but unfortunately don’t have a very large stash. I follow your blog and the CALs and just now starting following you on Instagram as cynthia_atkinson.

  28. I love working with Merino Wool and it would be nice to try Yarns that are not available in the UK x

  29. I’d love to try Paintbox too but any yarn will be great! Mandala ? Thank you for the opportunity!

  30. Instagram: @rockabillynic
    I love cheerful colors- I like to work with all types of yarn. I’m more attracted to colors than fiber type 🙂

  31. Woohoo!!! Thanks for he opportunity for some fun yarn! I am fully obsessed with cotton at the moment but excited to work with some new bamboo too. I do subscribe to your emails and follow your IG (@Tzigns). Thanks again ❤️

  32. Thank you for the great tutorials and giveaway. I would love to work with light yarn. I want to make a cover up.

  33. I’d LOVE to get my hands on some Malabrigo or Pikinchu yarns – that’s the dream!!

  34. I really want to try a silk, Merino blend. Handdyed would be awesome! I have the perfect pattern in mind for it, a little lacy t-shirt.

  35. Love your yarn stash! I would love to try Paintbox simply DK, the shades are amazing. Thanks for the chance. Love peace and lots of crochet Gabriela

  36. I’m hooked on cake yarns but love most every yarn as long as it’s soft and squishy. I make a lot of prayer shawls and blankets but also enjoy making hats. No such thing as too much yarn! LOL!

  37. The yarn I wish to try has to be Scheepjes cotton yarn. I dream about their yarn all the time. They don’t sell it in my country but I really really wish to try it atleast once in my lifetime

  38. I love most yarns but have heard lots about Mandela and haven’t had the chance to use it. Am happy with anything really as long as I can crochet with it.

  39. When it comes to yarn I’m not picky…lol…one could say I’m a Yarn Junkie!!!!! I love everything yarn!!!! But one yarn that IS on my wishlist at the moment is the Loopy yarn . I’m fascinated by that been wanting it just haven’t gotten any yet.

    1. I would like to try the yarn from Wolltraum yarns. The colors are beautiful. I have a pattern in mind for one.

  40. I too would like to try the PAINTBOX YARN. Love the limes, yellows, oranges, etc.
    Interested in working on Mandalas lately.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  41. I love cotton and simply soft. I make all kinds of kitchen things with the cotton and baby stuff to donate to a homeless organization in our area with the Simply soft.

  42. I would love yo try any new yarns something with beads, paintbox yarns anything on a skein that needs winding. I’ve only used Lion Brand, Red Heart the basics so anything new would be exciting. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  43. ok, goofed. The yarn I would like to try, hmmmm, anything really that isn’t wool. (I’m allergic). I’d like to try caron cakes I think the most. I’ve seen things that are made with them and the natural stripes work up so pretty.

  44. I would love to try a cotton and bamboo yarn. I have heard it is very soft and easy to work with.

  45. Is too much yarn an actual thing?? Lol, I’m glad you think it is and want to share with us!

  46. Any yarn 🙂 But I haven’t used any yarn for making socks yet and it is on my to-do someday list, so someday I would love to get some sock yarn.

  47. I am addicted to yarns. I love giveaways. I love cotton yarns but too sad I haven’t try any yet. I wish to win some since I can’t afford them. Thank you for the giveaway. Cindy

  48. I have added you on Instagram, did that a couple days ago, I am neetseyf on there.
    I have never tried Paint Box or Sugar bush either would be neat to try.

    Thanks for all you do!

  49. I honestly would love more solid colors of yarns. I have no preference for colors. I love all of your patterns!!

  50. This is the first group I’ve belonged to and I’m loving it! I am a self taught crocheter and knitter. I prefer crocheting. I love your patterns and I would love and appreciate any yarn! This is exciting!

  51. I love all kinds of yarn except wool, to which I am allergic. My knitting/crocheting group made 95 hats last summer for our local cancer treatment center. If I win any yarn, I will share it to make more hats this summer! Thanks

  52. I am still new so i am unfamiliar with all the various types of yarn so i would love to try a silk yarn or something of that nature

  53. I have not tried many yarns aside from worsted weights but would love to try my hand and some of the nice wool hanks that I see everywhere.

  54. I would love to crochet a mandala type afghan , so any yarn that would be suitable for that would be gratefully recieved . Thank you for your kindness in doing this giveaway .

  55. I would love to make a mandala in lightweight cotton or cotton blend yarns – variegated or solids (or both). Something not so big that it has to drape on my lap and make me too warm!!
    Happy Anniversary! BTW – cute tee!!

  56. I thought I had a lot of yarn in my stash, but after talking to some other ladies, it was obvious I’m lacking! It is so sweet of you to share some of your stash! Thank you for the giveaway!

  57. I recently used Paintbox yarn for a blanket and I really liked it. Would like to have some to make a hat with.

  58. I would love anything not acrylic, lol, especially cotton. I have never made anything wearable and would love to make a top with cotton.
    Thank you so much for your great work!

  59. I love trying all different types of 4ply yarn. Your patterns are wonderful and I’m loving the CAL 2019 and looking at the 2018 in between hats. Your doing an awesome job!

    Email: georginahuante@yahoo.com
    IG: ghuante2008

    I follow you on everything so I don’t miss out lol

  60. I’d pretty much take anything lol!! Only yarns I’ve used is rhss, css, a vanna white-discontinued, unforgettable which I’d like to forget!, pop which unforgettable; I’m allergic to,.and some don’t remember the names! One I used and like was lion brand harvest??? Id like that one I’d like to try paintbox, scrubby, those Mandela types, the one that had 5 colors on a card(name evades me). Thank you for the chance!

  61. Ohh, I’d love to help you de-stash your yarn. What kind would I like? I like the cakes that are self striping. Love the soft ones!

  62. I’d LOVE to have some Scheepjes Whirl!!! I’m also coveting “It’s a Wrap Rainbow”!! Such nice stuff!! Or any other yarn, really! But especially those that are a size 1 or 2!!

  63. My wish list is so long..lol. So the top is Caron Cotton Cakes as I know they will soon come off the shelf (or is the rumor due to seasonal history,) Red Heart Ombre, and Red Heart With Love Metallics.

  64. Hi there! I love all types of yarn but right now I seem to be working a lot with cotton yarns, mostly 100%, but I want to try the mercerized cotton. I’m working on 1000 projects, LOL not really but I’m preparing for my first craft show in October, so Ive been doing hats, hat/scarf sets, dishcloths, baby blankets and I want to do some coasters for the craft show. So I want to have about 5 of each item; hats, hat/scarf sets, dishcloths/wascloths, maybe with a towel set type of thing and coaster sets. The baby blankets are for the 5 babies born in my family in the last 6 months; they are all great nephews, and one niece, so that will keep me busy through the holiday. I’m already subscribed via email and my email address is dollymoss@yahoo.com and my IG is @newyrbabe I just followed you on IG.

  65. I love soft cotton yarns and wool yarn! Not too picky about the brands, I just like working with good fibers.

  66. My wish list is anything I get!! I will make use to anything someone gifts me with, and winning yarn is a gifting, this giveaway is a gift to some lucky winner, so good luck everyone and whatever I get I’ll be happy with, being I have so many projects, anything and everything will suffice. Sorry I didnt have all my answers in one comment.

  67. I haven’t tried silk or silk blends before so that would be interesting! I enjoy trying new fiber varieties and blends.

  68. I love Lion Brand Jeans yarn but I’d love to try Caron Cotton cake so that’s on my wish list right now. I follow you on IG, my username there is sharlart – your patterns are so interesting I already subscribe and really enjoy it!

  69. I have bought a bunch of yarn, but haven’t had time to start using it yet. The one I am most looking forward to using would be Lion Brand Jeans Yarn.

  70. I love Yarns! I love yarns in any fiber and weight, I love yarns in any color!
    Thank you for this opportunity to express my love for yarns.

  71. I like softer yarns that are versatile for clothing or baby items as gifts like bamboo or silky cotton! I dont have a wishlist yet because I haven’t explored much!

    1. I would like to try a different striping yarn than Caron cakes. That’s the only kind I have used. TY!

  72. I would love to have some Comfy Cotton and some other cotton yarn for summer projects. I would also like to try It’s a Wrap yarn. Thank you for the giveaway!

  73. I’d like to work with alpaca, not in a heavy weight though, it’s warm in Florida so I try to stay dk or finer.

  74. Some yarn I haven’t tried yet is silk 2or 3 weight. I’m sure I’d just like the way it feeeeelllllsssss…

  75. I don’t know that I necessarily have a yarn wishlist, I just go for colors that I think are pretty and skeins that feel soft!

  76. I’ve been using cotton yarn on a lot of the projects I’ve been doing lately. I LOVE Paintbox Cotton yarn because there are so many beautiful colors. It’s time I branched out to other brands to see what is out there in the COTTON world. Thanks for all your tips and patterns on Hooked on Homemade!!
    My email is vickib7145@gmail.com and my Instagram username is vickilblackwell.

  77. I am following you on Pintrest, and have subscribed to emails dvberry79@gmail.com. I would like a stash of bright colored yarns. I want to try Paintbox Yarns. Thanks Breann for the CAL patterns.

  78. I would love to try some of the bamboo and bamboo/cotton mixed. I also like the paint box and the cake yarns.

  79. I love all yarn but I would like to try some specialty yarn and hand dyed. I have only gotten to use reg. Box store yarns.

  80. I’m a yarnoholic, I love them all! I’d really love to try some paint box yarns, lion brand 24/7 cotton, and really any light cotton yarns.

    1. Alpaca, wool, and silk (or any combo thereof) for me! I’ve been admiring Amano Mayu in particular.

  81. I would love to win, really love grabbing unique yarns and trying patterns out, showing and making the importance of homemade goods.

  82. I want to make my first wearable, other than scarfs, shawls etc, so a shirt or a cardigan. Any yarn to make that is on my wish list.

  83. I would love to try handmade yarn, paintbox or sprightly acrylic yarn. I love trying new yarns and patterns. Just wish I could design ? thank you for the chance

  84. I’d love to try a sweater – I started with dishcloths; moved to scarves; shawls; blankets; Baby dresses; now test knitting a tee!

  85. What’s still on my yarn wishlist I would like to try?

    I would love to try: handspun/hand-dyed, paintbox/gradation yarns and fade yarn packs
    I love acrylics and natural fibres (NO wool/silk).

    Thank you for being so generous and offer some of us a few of your hanks/skeins.
    You are too kind!

  86. I want to try one of the new velvet yarns by Lion Brand. Just need to figure out what I want to make.

  87. Colorful soft inspiring to make hats shawls or scarfs.
    All yarn is a treasure to share.
    I also follow you on instagram

  88. I’m working on your CAL for a cause so some soft yarn will be nice for that project. I’m also wishing for some Caron X pantone yarn, I love the colors. Some of your own colored yarn would be exciting. That sugarbush and paint box looked lovely. All colors are welcome. My stash was recently depleted when moving, somehow it got ruined. Love your patterns???

  89. There are so many types of yarn I would love to try! I would love to try silk, chiffon ribbon, and just unique yarns in general. I normally just use acrylic yarn.

  90. I would love to try just about anything. I already have too much yarn, but a little more never hurts!!

  91. I would love to try T-shirt yarn! Or any yarn that can be used to make rugs or outdoor items.

  92. I really want to try Scheepjes Stonewashed – I see so many gorgeous projects with it on instagram!

  93. I’d love to try paintbox. People talk about it but I’m so scared to order yarn online and not be able to feel or see it first

  94. All the way from Cebu, Philippines. Love to try cotton variegated yarns that match up with solid colors .

  95. Wow! Another giveaway so soon. I do enjoy cotton but I also like other fibers as well. I have been crocheting for many, many years.

  96. I would love to try the Lion brand Jeans yarn, silk/bamboo yarns and Paint box yarns also interested in t-shirt yarn. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.

  97. the only crochet stitch I want to explore is Tunisian . I see so many great patterns but too many WIPS going right now.

  98. My favs are linen, cotton, and silk blend in fingering or sport weights. Can never have too much yarn!

  99. I’m pretty flexible as far as yarn goes. 4ply any color. I’m called the “Queen of Scraps”. I was out of work for 2 years and got scraps from my crochet/knit group. Lots of baby blankets got donated to local churches during that time. Any and all would be welcomed. Many thanks in advance for consideration.

  100. I am so into cotton yarns for the past year. I’ve tried 100% and cotton +acrylic/polyester but not the more ‘organic’ combos like cotton and bamboo, cotton and wool, cotton and silk….
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents and yarns with us!

  101. Hi, I have limited yarn brands where I live so I love the opportunity to try different brands. I follow you on instagram as alissasinan. I enjoy trying new stitches and challenging myself. I also receive your email.

  102. I love crocheting. I love making baby blankets to give away t my local hospital for newborns that are born. I have recently begun making baby hats and booties as well. I have only worked with cotton yarn and Red Heart Acrylic yarn. Recently, I visited Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics and learned that there are is a huge selection of different yarns varying in different weights. I picked up a few of the new cake yarns and I am looking forward to see how these work up into baby blankets. I am also stepping out of my comfort zone and making an afghan for my son and his new wife and making my other son a shirt/hoodie. Wish me luck as I learn to be crafty. I am excited about the yarn world and al the many things I can try. You are so generous to offer some of your yarn. Even if I am not a winner, I appreciate you sharing the joy of crocheting/knitting with me.

  103. I would love to work with some bamboo or Alpaca yarns! Thank you for the generous giveaway. I am always looking forward to you FB posts and newsletter!

  104. My dream yarn is 100% acrylic…. super soft and the stiffer acrylic too for projects other than clothes. The acrylic is very versatile and I use it the most. Also, I’ve chosen it because I’m in the middle of a huge project for my daughter and my stash is quickly dwindling LOL

  105. I would love to try something with 100% cotton yarn. I have two projects in mind. One is a light weight shawl and the other is heavy duty hot pads. Extreme difference!

  106. I would love to try some hand spun wool yarn, I use a lot of acrylic and cotton, but using something else would be awesome to try.

  107. My yarn wish list includes soft (like Caron Simply Soft) yarns in pastels or ombre colors. I have a TON of white, so no white needed. LOL

    I already subscribe to your newsletter at dlong13063@gmail.com.

    I follow you on Instagram. My username is momofksd.

    I’m a new follower. So far I’ve done Weeks 1 and 2 this year. I also downloaded last year’s patterns and am looking forward to working on them soon. Thank you so much for making this wonderful site and information available so we can do what we love and help others in the process. 🙂

  108. I want to try something more chunky and textured, most of my yarns are basic acrylic and worsted weight, I’m eager to either try fingerling or something thicker! But I love all the yarns! Keeps my anxiety down when I crochet!

  109. I would love to try Linen fiber yarn. They seems so elegant.
    I follow you on Instagram (bazylewski) and receive your emails. LOVE your work.

  110. I am on the hunt for rainbow colours in cotton yarn. I love working with cotton and there are so many rainbow projects I have queued. I follow you on Instagram @ycswid and I receive you newsletter via ycswid@gmail.com.

  111. I like any type of yarn. I do not do Instagram but I am on your e-mail list. I would love to win some yarn and the type doesn’t matter. I am doing your CAL again this year so any yarn is great.
    I was looking into the Lion brand Jean yarn to try so that would be nice if have to make a choice.

  112. Hello! Greetings from Texas. I would love to have some cotton and/or bamboo yarn. Good luck to everyone.

  113. I would like to try something in natural fiber – i have some handspun wool from a friend but something else would be cool – maybe alpaca or bamboo? thanks

  114. I love trying different yarn, and would like to try Paintbox yarn and Scheepjes yarn. Don’t know if I have correctly spelled that! Also cotton blends and organic, alpaca too! I guess there are many I’d like to try! Thank you!

  115. This an amazing chance. Thank you you. Have a few that are on my list to . first would bw paint box. A velvet yarn and cashmere.

  116. I’d like to try a bunch of new yarns – Shawl in a Ball, Lion Brand Jeans, Mandala, Paintbox – they have so many great colours, Sugarbush yarns. There’s so much I’d like to try. I’m retired now and this winter especially I plan to start knitting and crocheting on a really consistent basis. I find it so relaxing and love watching a project grow as I go along.

  117. I would love to try any of the silk or bamboo blends or even buffalo yarn. Anything new.

  118. I have never knitted with mohair yarn. MOst of my knitting/crocheting these days is for chairityand the want acrylic.

  119. I look forward in trying a variety of different yarns to make special things for my new grandson.
    Like cardigans and booties and some stuffies. <3

    (tinybeachesgal56 on instagram)

  120. Not sure if we are allowed to comment more than once. I love following your CALs and would love to try new yarn. I mostly stick to yarns I can get at Hobby Lobby, although my stash is very limited. I appreciate your blog and have learned a lot. Thank you

    Instagram: cynthia_atkinson

  121. I would love some real wool yarn. I have always wanted to try felting and I think felting looks great on a nice bag. Thank you!

  122. Wow, all of the yarn looks yummy! I love LB Jeans yarn and have used it for fingerless mitts. The Paintbox yarn looks interesting too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  123. I’d love to help you unstash ?. I’d be happy with anything that feels nice to work with and doesn’t knot. I would like to try yarn that is multi coloured or variate ?

  124. OMGOODNESS There are SOOOOOOOO many yarns I have never tried. I would LOVE to try Paintbox yarn. Advertised all the time but and it looks GORGEOUS.

  125. Hi I would make a lovely summer top with tassles. Its been on my to do list for a while but now Ive seen your new pattern Im going to give it a go.
    I am following you with the IG name of @debaurasdesigns


  127. There are so many I would like to try. Love to try the cotton yarns and the velvet yarns. The paintbox yarns look beautiful to.

  128. I would love to try some of the Paintbox, and some from Hobium. I would like to try some bamboo fiber, as I have not even felt it.

  129. I want to make more shawls and ruanas for the fall! If I win, I am hoping to make some sort of sampler shawl or ruana using different textures and yarns. I already subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on IG:
    -IG: onerulebejeweled
    -email: onerulebejeweled@gmail.com

  130. Im not a picky crocheter, whatever I have I crochet with it! Im obsessed with crochet! Thank you for such beautiful patterns

  131. Hi Breann, thanks for the giveaway!!
    Love your patterns!
    Yarn wishlist – I love anything natural, but I’m not too pickey 🙂

  132. I have spent last 10 years making twiddle muffs blankets and hats for charity and never once have I made anything for my self currently making the 4th boho top pattern for my nieces would love some cotton to make myself a top while I am at home with a broken foot

  133. All of the yarn i have is really bright, I would love something more natual, muted in colour in a fingering weight. I would love to try Cascade Heritage Silk, or failing that cascade 220

  134. I love yarn. I especially like free yarn. If I were to pick it would be anything alpaca. Love the patterns. Keep them coming.

  135. I’ve always used cheap yarn. It’s time to grow up and experiment with better yarn. I just know where to start.

  136. I would love to try some cotton yarns for summer! Thanks for the chance to win – what a fun way to destash!!

  137. First, I want to thank you for all the patterns, but mostly for the compassion you must have for those that are less fortunate, physically and/or monetarily! I try to also make items for the homeless. It hurts my heart for anyone going through traumatic times.
    I really enjoy being able to use any type of yarn, but I would really like to have some good quality yarn for a change. Thank you so much!!

  138. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all types of yarn. If I had to narrow it down then Lion’s Brand is my number one go to yarn…
    Thank you for all the how to videos, the help is amazing.
    I would love to try new yarns, I mainly crochet and I’m always happy to try your new patterns.

  139. I would love to try some paintbox yarn in pastel colours. I will be making a few things for my new granbaby. <3

    instgram i.d. (tinybeachesgal56)

  140. I absolutely love crocheting. I have so many WHIPS right now. I would say to have them all completed is my next thing ?

  141. I am planning to begin making lap afghans for people in a local nursing center. I like all types of yarn, but would like to try a soft silkie type.

  142. I am an avid crocheter and have been crocheting more than 40 plus years/ I love ALL of your sensational patterns and I check your site daily for more inspiration. It would be an honor to receive this yarn stash from you.
    Thank you, Christine

  143. I could use more yarn (can one really have TOO much?), and besides, I would be able to try some that are unfamiliar to me. Depending on the type, I may use it for finger weaving.

  144. I’ve heard great things about Paintbox & would love to try it. Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway!

  145. I love yarn in the 3 and up range. Anything with texture, saw a post on Facebook. cooboo yarn sent me here… Yes signed up for newsletter, this contest is quite a bonus! Thanks for chance!

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