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Sweater Crochet Along Part 1

November 28, 2017

This pattern has been posted in its entirety HERE!

Who’s ready to make a sweater?! Thank you so much for joining this Sweater Crochet Along! (you can find my first post about this crochet along HERE) It’s my first time hosting one, so I’m really excited to get started. I’d love for you to join my facebook group (>>HERE<<) and share your progress. I’m also going to share some tips on customizing this pattern for yourself! It’s easier than you think 🙂

We’re going to start with the back panel. I decided to start with the back because it’s the only piece that has to be a certain amount of stitches. That way you can adjust the pattern as needed for you. Next week, we’ll do the front. Then the following week we’ll sew it together and add the sleeves.

If you want to have the entire pattern at once, this pattern is available as an inexpensive, clearly formatted, PDF instant download in my Etsy shop or Ravelry Shop


3 – 6 skeins Caron Simply Soft in Grey Heather (category 4 yarn, 750 – 1,500 yds)
5.0 mm hook
Yarn Needle

easy to intermediate

Pattern Notes & Stitches to Know 
Sl st – slip stich
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Sc blo – single crochet back loop only
Dc – double crochet
Dc2tog – double crochet 2 together

**ch 3 at the beginning of each round counts as dc**

Approximate Finished Sizes:

Small (pictured, I’m 5’0″) – about 3 skeins
Width: 19″
Length: 19″

Medium – about 4 skeins
Width: 21″
Length: 22.5″

Large – about 4 – 5 skeins
Width: 23″
Large: 26″

XL – about 5 skeins
Width: 24″
Length: 29.5″

1X – about 5 – 6 skeins
Width: 25″
Length: 33″

12 dc = 4″
7 rows = 4″

Pattern written in S, M noted in ( ), L noted in [ ], XL noted in { }, 1X noted in < >


Ch 9

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from the hook and across (8 sc)

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc blo in each stitch across (8 sc blo)

Repeat row 2 to row 65, (71), [77], {83}, <89>

This band is the width of your sweater. You can check the fit across hips, waist, and bust. Adjust number of rows as needed. NOTE: there must be an odd number of rows

NOTE: in rows 4 – 7 make the ch stitches loose, these rows will be tighter than the dc rows

Row 1: Ch 1, turn, sc across the band, 1 sc in each row (65, (71), [77], {83}, <89>)

Row 2: ch 3, turn, dc in each stitch across (65, (71), [77], {83}, <89>)

Row 3: repeat row 2

Row 4 – 7: ch 4 (counts as dc + ch 1), turn, *skip one stitch, dc in next, ch 1* repeat from * to * across (33 dc, (36 dc), [39 dc], {42 dc}, <45 dc>)

Here’s an up close photo of rows 4 – 7

Row 8: ch 3, turn, dc in each dc and ch space across (65, (71), [77], {83}, <89>)

Row 9: ch 3, turn, dc in each stitch across (65, (71), [77], {83}, <89>)

Repeat rows 4 – 9 to row 33, (39), [45], {51}, <57>

This is the length of your sweater. Test the length and add or take out rows as needed. Make sure to end on a row 9 repeat.

My super technical way of “measuring” the length of my sweater. I held it up to myself and kept going until I liked the length (then I made sure to end on a row 9 repeat)

Fasten off, weave in the ends.

And you’re finished with the back 🙂

Next week we’ll do the front panel!!




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  1. I love love this sweater, is it possible to wear it backwards, so the more open side is in the front?

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