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How to Crochet a Simple Rose

June 14, 2017

I love adding small details to my projects like this simple rose. This rose can be added to hats, bags and headbands. or add a clip to the back to make a hair clip. It’s a nice pattern to keep in your back pocket when you want to add just a touch of something more.



Worsted weight (4) yarn (I used I Love This Cotton! Yarn from Hobby Lobby)
5.0 hook
Yarn needle

Level: easy/beginner

Pattern Notes & Stitches to Know
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
dc – double crochet

This rose can be made in pretty much any size. Just make sure your starting chain is a multiple of 3 + 1


Large Flower – ch 61, Medium Flower – ch 37, Small Flower – ch 19

Row 1: dc in 4th chain from hook, (ch 2, dc) all in same chain space, *skip 2 chains, (dc, ch 2, dc) all in next* repeat from * to * across

Row 2: sl st into first chain 2 space, ch 3 (counts as dc), dc 4 into same space, *sc in between next two dc, 5 dc in ch 2 space* repeat from * to * across

Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.

Roll it up like a rose. Try to keep the bottom lined up nice and tight.

Using your yarn needle and the long tail for sewing, secure the bottom of the rose by weaving it through the bottom, making sure to get all the layers.

I continued weaving the end through until the end was almost gone. Fasten off, weave in all the ends.

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  1. Oh I love your patterns thanks for the freebies they keep me crocheting on my pension x
    Brandy Wright

    1. Hello to all my fellow crocherer friends. I love reading your feed back.
      I am house bound due to an illness.. l get so much happiness from the
      lovely patterns. Hello . I really love making flowers .lt keeps me busy and
      happy . Many thanks .

  2. SO pretty….. just learned a new stitch last night when I wasn’t learning how to make a basic heart…. it’s the best utterly stitch. So far I can only do it following the video on you tube…. the stitching order and combo of stitches don’t make sense yet to my brain. I think I need to make a whole bunch in a square to set in the stitch and understand it more. But it along with half butterfly makes a beautiful “fringe” outline to my basic heart.

    I see this rose as a beautiful edging to a blanket or a decorative simple row on a hand towel.
    Thank you. For sharing yourself and craft.

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