Unstash my Yarn Stash Giveaway (January 2020)

January 1, 2020

It’s a new month and that means another destash giveaway!! I’ll be giving away some yarn from my stash to 3 lucky winners!

You can earn up to FOUR entries! Like me on Facebook, subscribe to my YouTube channgel, follow me on Instagram, and leave a comment! THREE winners will be picked on 1/8/20!

I will be using the email address you enter into Rafflecopter to notify the winners. Winners must respond to my email within 24 hours or the prize will go to the next participant.

Thank you for supporting my small business! Every like, comment, share, and purchase means so much to our family!

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    1. Thanks for the chance! I only recently discovered your blog and FB page, but enjoying it so far! Happy New Year!

        1. I have enjoyed your blog and pastedpatterns for more than a year now! I’ve made a few and found them to be clear and concise! Thank you!

      1. You have AMAZING CUTE PATTERNS!!!
        They seem quick and easy and I have purchased and favorited many. Just need to catch up
        Thank you for your AMAZING talents and willing to share

        1. Thank you for sharing your patterns and also for allowing someone the chance to win some of your beautiful yarn! ?

    2. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns and tips. I’ve made a few of your blankets as gifts and they have all been big hits.

        1. Thanks for the amazing pattern and tutorials over the past beautiful year and still hope for the best in this most wonderful year 2020

    3. Happy New Year‼️ This is the first time entering a contest…Thank you for the chance to win some free ? . Love your amazing work.

    4. Looking forward to another year of amazing patterns from you. Thank you for keeping us busy. ?

    5. Beautiful patterns and yarns ❤ Thank you for the giveaway❣Good luck everyone❣ Fingers crossed ?

    1. It would be an amazing honor to win some of your yarn! My yarn stash isn’t that big because I just buy it as I need it! Most of our money goes to our four kiddos! #momlife

    2. Think I am entering properly …. not on Twitter or Instagram …. mostly donate to charity …. I can’t use any wool … things for chemo caps (cotton is good), lapghans, shawls and wheelchair wraps, preemie hats and chemo caps …. male veterans prefer darker colors.

    1. Fingers crossed! It would be an amazing start to to brand new year to win a bit of your beautiful yarn stash. ?

    1. Have made 2 of your woven beanies. Had to make the 2nd because my mom LOVED the first one so much! Your yarn is beautiful!!

  1. Happy New Year! I would truly be Blessed to win this but im all the way in South Africa (tears rolling down me face) i love all your patterns

  2. Happy New Year Breann! You know how much I love your beautiful yarn! Best wishes for a prosperous new year.

  3. I just love yarn and your patterns are well written and creative. Thanks for the chance to have some yarn.

  4. Happy New Year and Thank You! Even though my husband probably thinks I should be unstashing my yarn supply, I can always use more. Your patterns are so wonderful and I am looking forward to your scrapghan CAL.

  5. Happy New Year!! Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for all your wonderful patterns and all you do for us. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway too :p

  6. HAPPY NEW YEARS ?❤??❤?my fingers are crossed hoping to win this giveaway one of these days thank you so much for all the lovely patterns that you make. ??❤??❤??❤??❤??❤

  7. Happy new year! My motto for this year…a girl can never have too much yarn! Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  8. Happy New Year. Waiting for information on CAL, hope I have the yarn as I am trying to use my stash. Thanks.

    1. Happy New Year! I would love to win some yarn! But I am also super excited for the CAL. I’ve never done one, but the picture of yours on Instagram has me totally inspired.

  9. Thanks for this generous giveaway, Breann! Looking forward to this year’s Scrapghan; last year’s was so much fun. Happy New Year!

  10. Thank you for all you do! Love the patterns you write and the gifts you give! Have a happy and blessed New Year!

    1. Happy new year! If i could win this giveaway it would be great because the 8th is my 51 birthday, that would be the greatest gift ever.

  11. Happy New Year. Love your patterns. The colors of your yarn are soft and beautiful. Hoping to win some yarn to start making some of your patterns.?♥️

  12. Happy and Blessed New Year. I very much enjoy your blog and patterns. Looking forward to another scrapghan. Last year’s afghan brought $50 at a charity sale and was one of the first items to sell.

    1. Another yarn giveaway! Who doesn’t want to add to their stash of pretty yarn? Love your blog. You have given us some really beautiful patterns and I just wanted to say thank you. Just starting back into crochet and knitting and have been collecting patterns to try.

  13. First, Hope you have a great 2020! I promised myself that I would use the yarn that I have before buying any more, but wining yarn does not count. I could win some yarn and still keep my promise to myself. HAHA

  14. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones ??. May 2020 bring you happiness, joy, health, peace and lots of yarn, beautiful patterns and projects. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

  15. Happy New Year! I love the pattern for the new velvet cowl, and the new Wool Ease hat, I love the color you chose.

  16. I appreciate the opportunity to win some yarn, always!! I would love to try working with Naomi paintbox first sure but any and all is welcome! Happy New Year!!

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ??? Can’t wait to see the amazing things you bring out for us this year; super excited! ?

  18. Love your patterns. I’ve got my eye several of your sweater patterns for this year. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  19. I love yarn, but can’t get to the store often, so
    thank you so much of a chance to win yarn. 🙂

  20. Thank you for the chance! I just started subscribing to YouTube channels so glad you shared yours. I follow you on IG & Facebook ❤️

  21. Happy New Year! So excited to see what new patterns you show us this year. And can’t wait for the new CAL!! Love my last scrapghan.

  22. Happy 2020! Thanks for another opportunity to unstash your stash! Really looking forward to the upcoming CAL.

  23. Thank you for sharing crochet projects, tips, ideas and designs. I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years, and still have much to discover in the world of crochet.

  24. What a great way to start the new year! Pretty yarn and new patterns to explore! Thank you for sharing with everyone!

  25. Happy New Year, Decade, Month, Everything is new today.
    Thank you for a wonderfully generous giveaway as a start to this new year.
    Good luck and best wishes to all.

  26. Happy New Year! What a fun way to start the new year, I love your patterns – well written and easy to follow!

  27. I love your patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to also enter to win some of your yarn. That’s really kind of you.

  28. I totally love your posts and website. Since I have enjoyed it for a number of years; I am looking for to seeing your 2020 creativity.

  29. Happy New Year Breanne!! I’m excited to learn new crochet techniques and new patterns from you. Thank you for this giveaway.

  30. Happy New Year!!!! Thank you so much for the patterns and beautiful yarn. Following you has definitely helped me hone my craft.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns,they have inspired me to start writing my own happy 2020

  31. New year, new yarn! Looking forward to a year of fantastic new patterns to try! Thanks for the chance to win done great yarn!

  32. Thank you for having another giveaway. You have wonderful designs and I can appreciate all you have to do to make your business work. I make designs that will never be published because I’m disabled and can’t keep up with all that is entailed. So keep up the good work that you do!!!

  33. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Every year there is always something new and or improved stitch,pattern, or technique, more tips. Thank you for your creations

  34. Thanks for all of the beautiful patterns and the generous giveaways that you have each month. I love ? your sweater patterns.

  35. Love your blog and designs! Hope I have more time to crochet all of them. Happy new year! Peace, love and lots of crochet

  36. Happy New Year & may 2020 be a fantastic ? year for all…….& if I happen to be the lucky subscriber that helps you unstash your stash, I’d be very grateful. Thanks for the opportunity. ??

  37. Happy New years!
    Thanks you for hosting one of the best Facebook group and shearing your patterns with us all. I am looking forward to your scrapgan and the upcoming crochet for a cause.

  38. Happy New Year! I LOVE your website and I can’t begin to thank you enough for sharing all your gorgeous patterns!! I’m constantly looking for your next email 😀 Thank you so so much for sharing your “Gift” with all of us…makes us enjoy every email….You’re definitely one of my favorites! 😉 Lots of love, Jennifer <3

  39. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing some of your yarn stash with us!! The new CAL looks like a great one to follow.

  40. Breanna, thank you for continuing your journey with us. My hope in 2020 is to continue my self searching to be unafraid to be a part of this artisan community.
    May blessings flow for you and your family. Always

  41. Happy New Year! Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful yarn! I love your blog and your patterns. Thank you for a you do for the crochet community.

  42. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful patterns!! My new years resolution was to make myself a sweater 🙂

  43. Thank you for the chance to win yarn!! That’s very generous! I have been crocheting for approx 1 year so definitely still learning. I love your blog! You’ve got a ton of good patterns on there. I recently discovered you, and dove in headfirst! Lol. The past year since starting crochet I’ve done a granny square blanket, C2C blankets, and a chevron stitch blanket in Halloween colors, a cat sweater, some infinity scarves, and some scrunchies. So I can’t wait to try some new stuff. I want to try hats, ear warmers, and the buffalo check pattern!!! It’s never too early to start getting ready for next Christmas.

  44. Happy New Year! Thank you for the notification & a chance to win some more yarn!
    Already subbed to your youtube … I’ll check out your FB, didn’t know you had a FB page

  45. Happy New Year and thanks for all the lovely crocheting. I do not know whether you will ship to my country. But will still enter. Thanks again.

  46. Happy New Year and thanks for a chance to win yarn. I love give-a-ways and learning new things with yarn. Have a blessed day.

  47. Love your patterns and ideas! So happy I found you this new year!!! Thanks for the generous giveaway, can’t wait to see what this new year brings in following you!!!

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