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Our Journey with CBD Oil

June 13, 2017

My husband and I are huge believers in medicinal marijuana and want to share our story in hopes that it might help another family. We are be no means experts in this area, but connecting with other cannabis families is important as so much of the process is all on the parents.

Our little guy (who has just turned 3) was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about 6 months old and has been taking a variety of seizure medications ever since. For the first month of his diagnosis he was on and off different medications until the doctor finally found a combination that worked for him. And that medication is still working for him two and a half years later.  There are some amazing ways these oils are changing children’s lives everywhere. His story isn’t quite like the others, but they have changed his life nonetheless.

His seizures were (and still are) completely controlled by his prescription medications. But we weren’t happy giving him so much medication each day. He is also diagnosed with global developmental delays and apraxia of speech. We knew his medications were not helping him in these areas. They were slowing down his learning. Even his neurologist acknowledges that his medications aren’t good for him, but they’re better than having a seizure. We get that, because we never ever want to see his sweet face turning blue from a seizure ever again. We get the reasoning, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. We started looking into getting him a medicinal card so we could try these oils we had been hearing so much about. His neurologist was on board with our little guy starting CBD oils, but he wasn’t able to go through any of the process with us. My husband looked up doctors than can issue a card and started calling and asking if they offer services for minors. He finally found one where we live and we set up the appointment.

It was a slight process, but we didn’t have to jump through too many hoops. More than anything, it’s pricey. A few hundred dollars pricey. He had to get a referral from two different doctors, which meant two separate appointments (and, of course, his insurance wasn’t going to pay for those), my husband needed to get his caregiver card and a fingerprint clearance card, plus the price of my son’s actual card. All added up, it’s not cheap.

But I’m telling you, it was worth every penny. Before, our son was lethargic, he wasn’t feeling pain as he should, he wasn’t progressing in his therapies, but almost as soon as we started these oils his development just took off! It’s amazing what he’s accomplished in just a year. Now he’s everywhere! Just like a toddler should be! He still has development delays and apraxia of speech, but the changes I’ve seen in him over the past year are nothing short of incredible. There was no question about re-upping his medicinal card. So we did the whole process again (and we’ll do it again next year!)

He is still taking his prescription medications, but at a lower dosage than he was prior to the oils. We’re hoping they can be lowered even further as he continues with the CBD oils. We know there are many families out there wanting to try CBDs with their children and we want to share our story, hoping it helps someone else in their journey.

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  1. Are you using marijuana cbd oil or hemp? I just ordered cbd oil online from Hempworx (don’t need a card). It just came today. I was told to give my 20 month old daughter one to two drops a day and my 4 year old son a starting of 4 drops a day (500 mg oil). My 20 month old has 4 words and my 4 year old has about 4 word sentences. I suspect my son has Asbergers, someone even asked me the other day, but I have not gotten him diagnosed and unsure if I will if he improves. We are also about to start the Paleo diet with fermented foods added. However, I do know that the keto diet was developed for epilepsy in your child’s case. How soon did you see an improvement after using the cbd oil?

    1. Hello 🙂 It’s marijuana CBD oil. We noticed a difference within a couple weeks. But we were also lowering his prescription meds at the same time, which was also helpful.

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